Friday, January 7, 2011

To sell out or not to sell out, that is the question.

I am torn. Stuck. I am facing a point in my culinary education where I need to make a decision on where to do my externship. Most of the managers at my current job have asked me to stay on and do it there, with hints of a partnership promise in the future. This means money. Stability. Being with a company that is doing some innovative things and plans on doing nothing but growing over the next 10 years. 

On the other side it means not cooking much food. At least not the kind of cooking I want to do. I want to create dinner specials and make sauces and be a chef. Not a restaurant manager. 

I am so torn because one route means security with a company that I respect and like and the other means a lot of job hopping and not a lot of money for a long, long time.

I was stuck at the bank forever because I couldn't find another job where I made that kind of money. This has the opportunity to blow that money out of the water. Ugh. 

I hate these decisions. I have a long time to live my dream, right? I can put in my dues and save up money to open my own restaurant, right? Or take a huge pay cut and go back to being a chef. 

Am I selling out? I mean, it's not like this is a bad place to work. Look how pretty. 

Fuck. Please tell me I am not selling out... 


Big Jed said...

If making this decision allows you to get closer to your dream of owning your own place and doing exactly what you want, then no. You are not selling out. Maybe that's where you need to be in order to meet the person or be in the situation that will catapult you to the next step. Yes, I just used the word catapult..... 50 points for me! Also, the word verification is "herbo." I thought you should know.

Bradshaw said...

What Big Jed said. Not to mention that if you had a position more able to influence the way the restaurant goes, you could be the one to come up with all the tasty things and someone else could do the grunt work. You're not selling out. Stability is important.

Josey said...

Man Sarah, you have some smart readers. I agree with everything said above. :) You're not selling out - you're working at getting ahead!

Krackle said...

I concur. That is really all that I could say. Everyone else said it all.