Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soggy Chips

I tend to have a disorder where I say everything I am thinking. Not intimate things. Or important things. Just things like, oh, hey, that ladies hair is a really weird color. Or that dude is wearing a kilt. Just observations on life. It's like I need to fill the air with something sometimes. I am fine with silence, it's not that. It's just more that the moment is boring me and I would like to change that. It has led to a lot of the perception of me having a negative attitude at work because I will say that I dislike what I am doing (usually cleaning something) out loud. 

People that know me are used to this. People that don't think I am weird. And sometimes, I come across really fucking weird because I will mumble what I say, not intending anyone to really hear it. Take today, for example.

I am done with my closing duties and am cleaning the receiving table on the dish tank. 

Me: "There is a giant pile of soggy chips."

Dude on Dish: "What?"

Me (louder): "Oh, nothing. I was just saying there is a giant pile of soggy chips."

Dude on Dish: "I still didn't hear you."

Me (shouting): "It's really not a big deal, I was just saying there is a giant pile of soggy chips."

Manager walking by: "Why are you screaming at dude on dish about a giant pile of chips?"

Me: "I wasn't screaming, I just...I mean, there is a pile of soggy chips and I was just saying it was there, but then he couldn't hear me and now it is really awkward and can we please just stop talking about the pile of chips?"

Dude on Dish: "I still didn't hear you."

Manager walking by: "You were the one shouting about it."

Now, you all probably think this is funny. This is my normal, awkward self. But, people at work don't totally get me. There are some that do, but most of them have a series of experiences like this where I am the mumbling, nonsensical girl who talks about soggy chips. 

To be honest, from the outside, I would think I was a weird nonsensical girl that talks about soggy chips too.

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