Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You guys, I am bored. So bored that I am watching a 16 and Pregnant marathon. It has been a long ass time since I have been this sick...like fever, can't move, sleeping 20 hours a day sick. Work is probably going to fire me because I called off three days in a row. OK, probably not.

Anyway, on to the point of this post: 16 year old knocked up bitches. Some of these girls really weren't educated and have shit hole parents and I feel bad for them. One girl just didn't take the birth control her parents got for her. Others are just stupid knocked up bitches. But, the guys? Holy ass holes. One of the guys told the mother of his little girl that she was a fat stretch marked bitch and asked where to sign to make that mistake go away. Another said he wasn't ready to commit to just one person.

So, here is my thing...why is it always the girl with her parents and their struggles? Where the fuck is the guy and his parents and their struggles? The guys are like extras on the show? AND WHY THE FUCK ARE WE GLORIFYING TEEN PREGNANCY? I get that the show is supposed to be discouraging it, but it's not like they show these girls fighting against all odds to make their lives better. Almost all of them drop out or get home schooled, only to later drop out.

It just upsets me that we watch these girls in abusive situations, sometimes impossible situations, and nobody is doing anything. We just sit and watch these boys be cruel, parents hit or abandon them, and them struggle with something I am not even sure I could handle,

Yet, I sit here watching, being part of the problem, popping cold medicine and yelling at the T.V.

I think it's time for a nap. Anger makes me tired.
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Bradshaw said...

When I had cable, once upon a time, I was part of the 16 and Pregnant problem. I couldn't help myself! But I always ended up very sad for the girls. I don't think they realized just what they got themselves into. I mean, hell, I couldn't handle a kid by myself, and I wouldn't have my parents' help, like so many of these girls do. So in a way, it is glorifying it, because the girls are making it. They get paid for the show, for Teen Mom, for the magazines they inevitably end up in.

What makes me angry, though, is that in all the reunion shows, after we've SEEN the effects that these babies have on these girls, not ONCE have I heard Dr Drew ask about post-partum depression. And from what I've seen, a good chunk of these girls were hit with it....hard. A 17 year old doesn't know why they're feeling the way they are, and don't know that if they speak up, they can get help.

Holy soap box. I'm going to stop now.

Feel better. Now.

Big Jed said...

Turn. Off. The. Television. I might have to judge you a little after the Jersey Shore incident the other night. Okay, probably not, but still.