Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's not that I can't be sympathetic or empathetic. I can. I am capable of those human emotions. I am not a sociopath. It's just very rarely that people evoke those emotions from me.

If you are sick, I want to hear about it when you get well. 

"I was so sick, I am pretty sure that I puked up my kidney. And most of my intestines." I will be like, sucks, wanna grab a beer?

"I had a really high fever and I am pretty sure I shit out my appendix." I will likely tell you to get some sort of body scan because you lose a lot of organs, then ask if you want to grab a beer.

You get the point. I don't want the call where you whine about feeling like shit. I will totally bring you soup. And then I will leave. 

When I am sick, I want you to bring me soup. Then leave. I want my bed, my dogs who are incapable of forming words, and my bed. 

I feel the same way about injury. Especially injury based on stupidity. There are rules in professional kitchens for a reason.

No jewelry - metal conducts heat.

No makeup - it is flammable.

Clothing meant for kitchens - it protects you from heat and flame.

Non-slip shoes - so you don't, you know, slip.

If you break these rules every single day (AND WEAR NAIL POLISH, OMG, DIE) and then get hurt because you spill really hot liquid on your hand and are wearing a ring that conducts the heat and burns the living shit out of your skin and makes your finger swell up so big you can't get the heat conducting ring off, well...that sucks. But, seriously, you kind of asked for it. Then you soak the burn in ice water for an hour and pretty much make the whole situation worse. 

I don't feel bad for the coworker in that situation. I don't. And everyone at work called me heartless. 

I feel sorry for people who are in situations that are out of their control. People who are in situations they can't fix. Not people who are in everyday situations they can.

Maybe it does make me heartless, I don't know. Maybe I'm an ass hole and should learn to feel sorry for people. But, I refuse to ever feel sorry for someone for being a dumb ass.

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Big Jed said...

I love that you have a label called "I hate idiots." I think that pretty much says it all.