Friday, January 21, 2011

Evil is afoot

The Erratic household is living in fear because for months now we have been terrorized by him:
Sleepless nights as he bats things off the dresser at our heads.

Rugs strewn about the house. (Note: these live in the upstairs bathroom. This is the basement.)
He is into EVERYTHING. All the time. Constantly.

When we got Neil, I knew cats were independent. I knew that they were impossible to train and that you lived with the cat, the cat did not live with you. I had no idea what we were in for. Or how freaking cute he would be. Or how he would just make my heart melt over and over.

I miss the kitten. The little guy who cuddled and actually liked humans, instead of plotting how to kill us.
When his food runs out, he becomes extra special evil and runs around the house meowing and planting atomic bombs. The number one priority in our house is making sure that Neil's food bowl is full. Nobody is prepared for the consequences if it is not.

I never thought I would own a cat. I certainly wasn't prepared for what owning a cat meant. But, the cat lives up to his bad ass name...he is one bad ass cat.


Big Jed said...

I would like to request a picture of his hoarding spot.

Josey said...

A bad ass cat. I like it. :)