Monday, October 18, 2010

Something I have to forgive someone for.

There are a handful of people that I put in the category of kill on sight. People that I hate for things they did to me. People that have hurt me in a way that I will never forget. I am not sure if I have forgiven them or not. I don't want to ever see them again and if I did, I would likely avoid them. I wish them no harm. I don't think about them or the incidents surrounding them. At least not often.

The first is my stepfather growing up. He was violent and mean. But, there was good in him too. He loved my mother and he loved my sister and I. When I think of him and the turmoil that surrounded my life when he was married to my mother, I only have pity for him. I don't forgive him or not forgive him. I feel sorry for him and for the life that he has. I feel sorry that the whole situation happened.

The second is an old friend who betrayed me and used me. He lied to me and to people I love. He is an alcoholic and a drug addict and a pathetic human being. Again, I just feel sorry for him. And maybe I need to forgive him a little, because that incident was much more recent in my life. 

There are some ex-boyfriends and the boy who sang "Fido the Wonder Dog" to me everyday on the way to elementary school. 

But, I don't hold grudges. If you do something I need to forgive, you are probably no longer in my life. And if you are, it's a pretty safe bet I have both forgiven and forgotten. Life is too short to spend it resenting people.

Unless we are talking politicians. Then, holy crap, I have a lot of grudges out there.

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Bradshaw said...

Yep. We're really similar. I swear, one of these days I'll actually write these posts.