Monday, October 11, 2010

A series of unrelated things

I haven't blogged a lot lately because every time something happens that is blog worthy, I come home and type it up and it is four sentences. And when I try to drag it out it reads like a report on Woodrow Wilson that you didn't feel like researching, so you used a thesaurus to make it longer. Then I just save it in my drafts and mope for a while because my life is not interesting enough to blog about.

So, here is some random shit that I felt you all should know. Or that I wanted to write about. I will separate them with little stars because I'm cool like that.


As most restaurants do, we employ non-Americans of a Spanish descent. Since English is not their first language, or really even second, it makes the labeling in the walk-in pretty interesting. I have found the following:

blubary (blueberries. it contained strawberries)
slaes turki (sliced turkey)
vegtable stok (vegetable stock)
wash japs (this one totally made me picture tiny, clean Japanese men in a lexan. not so much jalapenos)
budah saus (Buddha sauce)
tortixxa chip (tortilla chips)


6:00 pm is dog feeding time in the Erratic household. I am almost never home to feed them, so I often don't feed them on time because I forget. It seems that the dogs have learned this. I was writing a speech for my public speaking class and just typing away, when all of a sudden all three animals were lined up in front of me. In order from largest to smallest. Just staring at me. No whining, barking, no noise. Just staring. I look at the clock...6:00 pm on the dot.

I drew you a picture.

I am not really sure why I am faceless. I think I just got lazy. 


I have hives covering the backs of my hands and the tops of my feet. I am hoping that someone in the medical profession reads this, because I have no health insurance right now and WebMD is no help. Thank you, WebMD for diagnosing my hives as hives. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU?


Am I the only person who thinks that T.V. this fall sucks? Also, does the universe know that it is October? Because the highs have been in the 80's and my house is approximately the temperature of the sun. And I can't deal anymore. I was pissed when it started to get cold, but dammit, I don't want to turn on the air conditioner in October. That is just stupid.


Thank you for humoring me on unrelated random thoughts day. Back to your regularly scheduled overuse of the word fuck.

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Bradshaw said...

I like your random posts...and your artistic creations. Yep.