Sunday, December 25, 2011

One Should Not Stalk One's Own Blog

I don't know how to open here! You guys! I accidentally, intentionally clicked on that whole google "who is stalking your ass" link on blogger. Why? Why did I do this? 

Ever since telling my story on violence unsilenced weird shit has happened. I expected an influx of people reading, briefly, then I expected them to realize I was a raving lunatic and lose interest. Which, some of them did. Some of them stuck around. (Hi! I love you for sticking around.) 

Then I looked at the sources of my readers and was all..wait, what? Pinterest (my tattoo, which I kind of love that it is linked) and links from comments on blogs I have never even heard of, and a link to this post which I wrote a year ago. And people trying to figure out who I am. Two people, in fact. Unless you are searching from two different IP's.

Here's the thing...I love all of you. I really do. New and old alike. I want to know all of you. 

But, please don't try to figure out who I am. I mean...get to know me, and I will tell you. I am not THAT private. I wrote a very private piece on a website meant for these kind of confessions. I chose to reveal to my readers that I wrote this. I realize that I made a public declaration on a public site. But, googling "who is erratictheblog?" is a little creepy. Please stop. Become a part of all of this, become a part of this site and you will know exactly who I am. Everyone who comments regularly has met me in real life or at the very least knows my real name and plans to meet me in real life. 

On a more hilarious note, here is what people searched to find me:

Stupid Ohio
Baby Giraffe laying down
Cee Lo Arms
Diagnose My Anxiety
Erratic Shoes
Fuck Insurance
Fucking Sinus Infection
Holy Statutory Rape, Batman
It was erratic
Penis Vagina

I would like to imagine the disappointment on someone's face when my blog comes up for the last one...I am pretty sure that was NOT in fact their intention.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 

Also, Holy Statutory Rape, Batman. Because, shit. That is EXACTLY what this blog is about.


Josey said...

Holy statutory rape batman made me laugh out loud. :) It's definitely bizarre seeing how people use/navigate/find your blog in the first place.

Mrs. Case said...

i've been blogging for, well, forever, and nobody has ever tried to find me or figure out who i am. when they do, i think i will have "made it." lol! :)