Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As Josey would say...HFS

Has something ever just slapped you in the face? You are sitting there, living life as normal, and a realization just completely takes you off guard. You doubt it, you are in total disbelief, but suddenly, it is real. It is everything.

I am a chef.

I do not have the title, mind you.

But, I am a chef.

I have dishes that I CREATED on restaurant menus. Top 10 in the city rated menus.

I am putting together menu's for special week. Christmas Eve. New Years Eve.

The owner of my restaurant comes to me when he is in a desperate situation for menu ideas. When nobody else comes through.

I have increased our lunch business with new ideas, awesome features, and just plain good food.

Holy Shit.

You guys...holy shit.


Ann said...

So my heart just pulled a Grinch's "grew three sizes that day" type thing. I'm so proud of you!!! Can't even begin to tell you how much. Seriously.

Big Jed said...

And this is why I'm so very proud of you for leaving the shitty corporate world and doing the thing that you're awesome at.

I might pull a Krackle and sing "Did you ever know that you're my hero?" Because you ARE everything I wish I could be.

Anonymous said...

You just made Big Jed sing! That is also somehting to be super proud of! <3 Nyeski

Josey said...

You're a freakin' chef!!! :)

I love Big Jed's comment - so true!

Rachael Heiner said...

This type of realization is beyond awesome. AWESOME!