Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It is a wonder I have friends at all.

Hi. It's me again, your obnoxious neighbor who won't shut up about the Whitman's down the street not mowing their yard.

That metaphor was terrible.

I am about to bitch about the American food system. WHAT? ME? Never. Psht. 

Read This:

It's not long. And I know I post this guy's stuff all the time. And I know that I am obnoxiously opinionated. But, if just one of you picks up the antibiotic free chicken at the store instead of something from Purdue. Or Tyson. Or one of the other conglomerates that is poisoning our country, then I made a difference.

Buy local. Buy antibiotic free. I know it's expensive, believe me, I know. But it's worth it.

Rant over. Please resume your regularly scheduled reading of people who are not opinionated ass holes.

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Mrs. Case said...

man, i am so freaking scared about feeding my son big people food. i want to make his food rather than buy some shelf stable crap that will survive a nuclear holocaust. this would be an enormous undertaking were i to actually do it. gah. the idea of a future daughter of mine going through puberty too young due to hormones in food, the fact that my brother had a hormonal cancer as a child, etc. etc. there are so many reasons that food freaks me out.