Thursday, December 29, 2011

I can't live without water, food, and air. And that's about it.

I am currently watching a recorded in the theater version of Breaking Dawn. Like, someone stood up in front of the camera at one point. It is a terrible recording. Which is fitting. It is a terrible movie.

Here is the thing. I read all the books because I read. Everything. Post of the FOUR bookshelves we bought that don't quite fit all my books coming soon. And that doesn't count the thousands I have for my kindle. I couldn't NOT read it. It was entertaining when the story did not have Bella and Edward in it. So, barely at all. 

I posted something on Facebook the other day that about sums it up for me...When Hermione loses the love of her live, she continues trying to save the world. When Bella loses the love of her life, she curls up in a ball in the forest for hours. I would much rather be like Hermione.

Anyway, so terrible copy of the movie. On top of terrible copy of the movie, the boy spent the first 30 minutes making TERRIBLE vampire jokes. Like "oh, gee, I hope she doesn't get bitten," and then giggled to himself. I was forced to banish him from the room until the movie was over. 

I forgot why I was posting this other than to say, I really dislike this entire franchise. I dislike the never ending love and the "I can't live without you." How about, I choose not to live without you? How about I don't want to live without you? 

Yes, there are certain scenes that are romantic and sweet. There are parts of the book that are romantic and funny, in a poorly written kind of way. 

Give me wizards and strong women over shiny, sparkly vampires and I can't live without you any day. 

And if I ever have little girls, fuck Snow White and Prince Charming. We will write our own fairy tales together.  And we will read hundreds of books together. And if they ever want to read Twilight, fine. But, there will be a long sit down talking about how love is important, but so is independence. And, for the love of God, CHOOSE THE WOLF. Yeesh.

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