Thursday, December 8, 2011


Big Jed texted me at work, probably because I don't have internet access and she knew I would want to know. She is considerate like that. 

So, I am standing at the hand sink and look at my phone and squealed and jumped up and down.

All three guys on the line were just staring at me. 

"My friend had her baby! I am so excited!"

To which one of them responds, "stop making girl noises," and another one says, "who broke Erratic?"

I laughed and one of the guys asked if I was going to cancel my plans for the evening and go see the baby.

"Well, she lives in Colorado, so no. And I have never actually met her in person. But, I feel like I have known her forever. We met on the internet?" As I am telling this story, my voice is faltering as the looks keep getting stranger and stranger from the guys. 

"You do know that was out loud, right? And that "no" would have been an appropriate answer?"

Sigh. Sometimes the awkward just spills out. I can't help it. I have to share.

Congrats Josey! I am so happy you finally have your baby girl in your arms.


Rachael said...

Man, I hate when people in real life don't understand the power of internet friendship! :-)

Josey said...

Awh, thanks s! My mom called me last night to read me your post because she loved it so much :)

Erratic said...

That made my day! :) I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet Stella! Because it WILL happen! :)