Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pucker Up

I don't understand this whole trend in taking pictures of yourself inches from your face with your lips puckered. I just don't. Are we all trying to look like Lisa Renner? Because she looks plastic. And too tan. And gross. Granted, I work with people much younger than me. They friend me on Facebook and then I see these pictures and I am instantly like, wow, you look like a fucking idiot. I mean, nice lipstick, you know, since it is a quarter of an inch from my retinas. Also, nice pores. And why do these pictures alway seem to be taken from a laying down position? Are you trying to entice men by making them think you are laying on your back, legs spread, lips puckered, waiting? You all look like over-glossed whores. Oh, and your pores aren't that great either. 
I think a picture of a woman laughing is much sexier. Or even just caught off guard and smiling. I am old, I get this. I am no longer at an age in my life where I am trying to attract men like a dog in heat. My self worth is not based solely on if other people think I am sexy.  
My favorite pictures are those that catch moments of happiness. Pictures that are unexpected. Pictures that make you smile even if you don't know the person in them. 
I will never get the puckered picture. It just makes beautiful women look silly.

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Josey said...

Lol, so true. So so true!