Monday, May 2, 2011

The procrastinating spaz

I am a procrastinator. If someone tells me that I have to do something by 4:00, guaranteed I will be rushing out of the house at 3:45 and doing 80 on the highway to get there in time to do it. 

I have this weird thing about waiting until I leave the house to get ready. I don't get up and shower and get dressed. I don't get ready until right before I leave the house. For example, I have to be at work at 4:00 almost every shift I work. If I go in for a shift meal, I get in the shower at 2:45, leave the house at 3:00 and get there at 3:30 leaving myself exactly a half hour to eat my shift meal. If I don't, I get in the shower at 3:15 to leave the house at 3:30. 

I have to turn in time sheets for school and if they are not in on Monday, I start losing points. Guess what day I turn them in on every single time? Monday. I have them almost a week before that. School is less than 2 miles from work.

I pay bills the last day that I can without getting charged a late fee. If the house has to be clean for company, I am cleaning it hours before they arrive. I am always throwing things in a bag as I am walking out the door for vacations and trips. 

I hate this about myself. It makes me CRAZY that I do this. I am always rushing around and doing things at the last possible second.

But, when I want something? I am a fucking spaz. I want it right this second, right now, no waiting, no way. Once I am ready to go out? We are leaving. Going to be early? I don't care. I am ready, let's do this now. If there is a present in the house for me, I am like a rabid dog. I won't stop until that present has been opened. Planning an event? I want to plan every single detail the second that it is decided. It kills me to wait for shit to be delivered in the mail. KILLS. ME. Even if it is something as mundane as heat resistant spatulas. I tear that package open like it contains a million dollars. 

I wish there was a middle ground...a way to be less of a procrastinator AND less of a spaz. 

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Big Jed said...

I'm pretty sure this entire post is the DEFINITION of Erratic.