Sunday, May 23, 2010

Star Wars Fail.

I am a bad American. Or a bad sci-fi/fantasy fan. Or a bad geek. Or something. I have never seen Star Wars. I will wait for the dramatic gasps to die down.

Better? OK, so Spike TV was replaying the original three this weekend and I recorded them, planning on having a marathon today.

The first time I tried to watch the first movie, I slept through the whole thing. I restarted it and found myself on Facebook, Twitter, really anywhere doing anything other than watching it. I sort of kind of saw it, but not really. I tried to start the second one. Same thing.

Now, sometimes I don't like things because I am not in the mood for them and that may be the case here. It is hot as fuck in my house right now and it is making me crabby. Plus, I have a gazillion hours of homework because I am in culinary school AND HAVE NOT COOKED IN A MONTH. I hate baking. Anywho, I just couldn't get into them. I tried. I feel like I should love them, I just, well, don't.

I am going to give it another try, but do you think it is because I am 30 years too late? I mean, part of the problem is that the special effects were awful. But, again, 1977. Or is it that the storyline has been copied so many times since, it seemed overdone? I mean, I know that Star Wars was the original, but it wasn't necessarily the original for me. Does that make sense? Or do you think it is hearing 28 years of hype and the movies not living up to it? I feel totally let down.

I know I am over thinking this, but I really expected to like it. It's just, well, weird.


Krackle said...

I am not surprised at all that you are having trouble getting into it. You know I love it, and loved it as a child. I watched it with my brother and pretended to be Princess Leia. But...I know you pretty well Erratic and I don't know...I just don't see Star Wars (now or then) being your cup of tea. I'm just sayin...

Bradshaw said...

I love them. Lovelovelove them. Grew up watching them (even though they were older than me), but still. I own the original 3. Need to watch them again soon, actually. Thanks for the reminder!