Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Erratic Throws Down! OK, not really.

It seems to me that I once had a blog? And, maybe, just maybe, I posted regularly. Or at least somewhat regularly. And people read it...oh, the good old days.

So, I'm not doing it on purpose, I really am not. I am just, well, not that interesting these days. Between work and school and finding a new job and everyone I know getting married, well, I am swamped.

But! Something really weird happened at school today. There are these two girls who constantly. talk. shit. I mean, every word that comes out of their mouth. It grates on my nerves quite a bit. Like, to the point where I have to drink to make my murderous rage go away. They are also single handily the two laziest excuses for human beings I have met. Like, seriously. A big part of our day to day class is cleaning up after ourselves and I do not think I have EVER seen either one of them do more than wipe the same spot on a table over and over. While talking shit. That murderous rage is starting again...

So, today I sort of hit my limit. She was talking shit about our pie and I just lost it and said, "I am sick of your fucking mouth." She asked me to repeat what I said, and I did. She then went on some bull shit tirade about how she lives in America and has the right to say whatever she wants. To which I replied that I had the right to walk away and did just that.

Now, I must say, this is very out of character for me. It is rare that I talk shit in a serious manner. I joke around with people and generally try to avoid conflict because, really, what's the point? But, she was visibly upsetting the rest of my group and I don't know, I just snapped.

So, this girl then walks over and starts talking to the other girl in the dynamic duo. This is where I probably should have let it go. They always tell me that I am fake because I don't stand up to them when they piss me off and I walk away. So, I walked by (and was actually joking) and said, "oh, look who is talking shit now?"

I should not have done that.

She proceeded to cry (still not sure why this happened) and threatened me, basically telling me not to walk to my car by myself.

I really just don't even know what happened. I mean, I forget sometimes that I am dealing with kids. But, this whole thing was just ridiculous. First of all, because I never even changed the tone of my voice. I was not mad, just annoyed. And second of all, because tears? What the fuck was that about?

So, anyway, Erratic is spreading the love and traumatizing lazy bitches everywhere.

On a totally unrelated note, how fucking awesome was Neil Patrick Harris on Glee? HOW. FUCKING. AWESOME?


Bradshaw said...

I was a straight up bitch to some guy last night and you know what he did? Asked for my number. People are crazy faces.

I don't get it.

Jenny said...

But I cried for Artie and Tina.