Monday, May 31, 2010

I own a kitty cat!

I would like to officially introduce Neil Catrick Harris. He is home. The dogs are freaking out a little, but it is nothing more than what I expected. They want to sniff him, NCH hisses every time they come near him. He had a rough day. His first bath, his first car ride, his first time puking on mom, 3 dogs at Big Jed's house, two here....I would be hissing too. Plus, he was taken away from his sister and the freedom of living in a barn.

He is curled up in the corner of the couch right now snoozing and my heart is just melting. I forgot what it is like to get a puppy/kitten. It's a different feeling than getting an adult dog, it really is. I have completely and totally fallen in love with him and cannot wait to watch him grow up. I hope he stays engaged and curious and wants to be around people. Because now, he just mews if you try to lock him up and is only happy if you are in sight. I really hope he remains social, but from what I know about cats, it is a total gamble.

So, I present to you, THE Neil Catrick Harris.

His first bath

Being fucking adorable.

But, mom, I don't want to play with the toys.

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