Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can your face have a nervous breakdown?

Things I no longer have to deal with because this weekend is finally over:
  1. My sister's wedding drama and bridezilla related family breakdowns.
  2. Driving my father's Yaris which has the acceleration of a turtle tied to a tree.
  3. Having fingernails longer than the tips of my finger because I have not had fingernails in six months and I keep accidentally injuring myself and others.
  4. Freaking out about the new dog sitter staying with the dogs and forgetting to feed them, water them, and general non-care related things.
Things I now have to deal with because this weekend is over:
  1. The family drama that is no longer going to be secret because of the wedding. My sister is still an ass and my family notoriously has no filter.
  2. The hives COVERING my face because of some kind of waxing/air brush make-up incident. It hurts and I have no idea what even caused it. Maybe my face nervous-breakdowned on my behalf.
  3. The whole health triglyceride thing that I promised myself I would deal with when I got home. Stupid bad promises to myself.
  4. Going through the 600 photos the boy took and editing out the 458 photos of my nostril.
All in all the weekend went well, the wedding was beautiful, everyone laughed at my maid of honor speech, and I didn't do anything I will regret. Also, seriously, everyone laughed at my maid of honor speech. I was extremely concerned that I would hear crickets chirping and be forced to crawl under the table in shame.

And since it is still "this weekend" I am going to have a beer, catch up on DVR, and give my dogs lots and lots of hugs and kisses. It is good to be home.

P.S. THERE WAS A PUPPY NEXT TO ME ON THE PLANE. I had to tell someone. Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

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Krackle said... used "turtle tied to a tree." Steve would be so proud.