Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something I just need to say.

When I tell people I am getting a cat with two large dogs, they generally think I am crazy. Or irresponsible. Or any number of negative things. So, I am going to need to go ahead and climb up on my soap box for a moment. Feel free to skip this if you are not a die-hard, bleeding heart lover of animals.

Neil Catrick Harris is the kitten of a feral cat, meaning it is not domesticated. I have dealt with feral animals before, so I do have some experience in this. Not a lot, and not really in my own home, but I still understand how their instincts differ from a regular animals and how to adjust to that. I have never owned a cat, lived with a cat, or spent any significant amount of time with cats, so their behavior I am unfamiliar with. Don't worry, books are on the way. Along with hours and hours of Internet research that started tonight by reaching out to my Facebook and Twitter friends.

I like animals a lot more than I like people. The boy is a cat person, I am a dog person. I am allergic to both, which is whatever. They have drugs. I refuse to live a life that is void of animals. I refuse.

Last night, I got home from school and just started vomiting. No reason, I didn't even feel bad. Just like, oh, vomit. Then a serious fever hit for about an hour, I fell asleep, and woke up shortly after just fine. The entire time and the rest of the night, Shorty sat on the floor right by me. He gave me kisses and cuddles from time to time, but mostly he just stood guard.

When I cry, they curl up in my lap and just let me hug them. I find it hard to sleep without a dog against my back. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dog pile, when both dogs just sprawl their whole bodies across you and you all nap. There is usually an elbow in the spleen, but it's worth it. I adore the pure joy they get out of a tennis ball, a rawhide, or just a walk around the block. I love how happy they are to see you. No matter how bad of a mood you are in, their little butts are wagging uncontrollably.

I have volunteered for various animal shelters and have attended obedience school with a certain dog of short stature who is rotten.

I believe that people who abuse animals are the cruelest most hateful people who have ever existed.

I cry my fucking eyes out at Sarah McLaughlin commercials. I hate it when people are prejudice against animals, especially breeds of animals, because other people have bred them to have undesirable traits.


I am prepared to approach my kitten the same way I have my dogs. Tons of information, even more love, and patience. OK, probably not patience. But, lots of love to make up for it. This kitty will eat the best food, shit in the best kitty litter, have the best toys, and more love than it could ever possibly need.

Is it the best decision I have ever made? No, probably not. But, these kitties need a home and I am a big softy, so here we are.

I still want an otter.

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Bradshaw said...

So (random background info coming) this weekend I went to visit my parents and all the siblings on my mom's side. My youngest sister and my brother both had puppies. I just moved into my own apartment. GUESS WHO'S PUPPY HUNGRY?!?! This girl right here. Oh man, this girl.

Keep on with your pets. I agree, they make life better.

(Also, I'm a dog person too. Shocking? No not really)