Friday, May 28, 2010

How do you Helen Keller?

Big Jed and I frequently get into these really, really random text message conversations. Tonight was no different. The beginning is in reference to a hose nozzle I found in my basement that I thought she would want.

Erratic: I have been playing with it. It is kind of bad ass for a nozzle.

Big Jed: Please continue to play with my nozzle.

Erratic: hahahahahahahaha dirrrrty.

Big Jed: My nozzle also has six settings.

Erratic: That is awesome. Do you have a drizzle setting?

Big Jed: Wahahahaha! It does...when I think of you, I drizzle.

Erratic. LMFAO. Awesome. I just upgraded my soaker setting.

Big Jed: Hahada my new laugh. I love dirty nozzle humor. I am all art just thinking about it.

Erratic: All art????????? This is the best fucked up phone convo ever.

Big Jed: I just snorted. Cunt rag twat plug. I meant wet not art. I love drugs. I may take more. (In reference to allergy meds)

Erratic: When in doubt....medicate. Cooter catcher.

Big Jed: Cooooooter. I like to say it like that. Cooooooter.

Erratic: Can't stop laughing. Twat.

Big Jed: Twaaaaaaaat...Helen Keller style dude.

Erratic: Gooob

Big Jed: Flaaaaaaaaarby floooooo

Erratic: Kaaaaaaaaarg jook

Big Jed: Snaaaaaaaar

Erratic: Tooooooomeeeee

Big Jed: Preeeeeeeeet

Erratic: Booooooorg

Big Jed: Ruuuuuuur

Erratic: Bagooooof

Big Jed: Shnaaaaarb

Erratic: Cartooooooooooooooch

Big Jed: Doooooooot

Erratic: Jarbeeeen

Big Jed: Herfooooong

Erratic: Waaaaaabveeeee

Big Jed: Yerrrrrrf

Erratic: I just typed this entire conversation on my blog.

Big Jed: This might be one of our finer moments.

Erratic: Our finest.

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