Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Erratic Crazy Train

I called my mom on Sunday to check in and see how everything was going. We did the usual catch up stuff and then this happened:

Mom: "Your grandmother thinks you are mad at her."
Erratic: "OK, I'll play along. Why?"
Mom: "Because you haven't called her since I came to visit."
Erratic: "I have talked to her, like, 5 times since you left. I have just been busy."
Mom: "I know, but she is calling me and driving me crazy because she thinks I told you something about her and now you are mad."
Erratic: "I have nothing here. Do you want me to call her?"
Mom: "Only if you want to."
Erratic: "I'll call her this weekend."
Mom: "Oh, and she told me that there was some investigation into your postman?"
Erratic: "You have got to be kidding."
Mom: "No. Is he really stealing your mail?"
Erratic: "She is just spewing crazy now. No, mom, I am getting everything except what she sends. Maybe HER mailman is stealing HER mail."
Mom: "Christ, Erratic, don't tell her that. She'll have the fucking FBI involved by Friday. Just call her so she gets off my back."
Erratic: "Done. Love you."
Mom: "Sorry about the genes. Love you too."


Krackle said...

I just don't understand why Alice was so nasty to your dad and me!

Erratic said...

Alice is an ass hole. :)

I have no idea. We are funny as hell!