Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This did not just happen.

I have been in a training class the past two days and the instructor is, well, kind of odd. He showed us a video of a BABE car rally where he was dressed as superman. In spandex. Right.

Granted, in a professional setting I am not always what you would call...professional. I tend to swear and say inappropriate things. I totally called someone a twat yesterday and we had a brief conversation about an orgy. I can't remember why we were talking about an orgy, but we were.

So, we are sitting there, all minding our own business during a break, and the instructor lifts his left butt cheek and just rips ass. Let me go ahead and repeat this. He lifted his butt cheek and farted. In a professional setting where, he, the vendor, was training, us, the customer on his system upgrades. LIFTED HIS BUTT CHEEK AND FARTED. I did not know how to react. I mean, I couldn't call him out on it, although the butt cheek was lifted in my direction, so I was a tad offended.

After he left, we decided it was the Mexican food he had for lunch and that tomorrow we were feeding him Beano and toast.

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Krackle said...

That's hot.