Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You should probably just not read this.

The boy just looked at me and said, "Are you ever going to blog again?" Well, fuck. Yes. Of course I am. I have spent the past few days trying to come up with something, anything, to blog about. I have nothing. I always feel weird just updating everyone and I don't know why. I totally understand that some of you care about that, but some of you want to be amused. I read A LOT of blogs and get annoyed about the update posts. No, that's not true. I get annoyed about the update posts of people who I don't care about. 

Ugh. I am doing a terrible job of explaining all of this.

I had like 6 drafts composed, then my laptop had a nervous breakdown, which I thought was a virus, which wasn't, in fact, a virus. I blame my grandmother checking her AOL account on my laptop. 

Dear 1992,

TAKE YOUR AOL BACK. And make my mother and grandmother switch to gmail.


Fuck. This is so an update post. I apologize in advance for the crippling boredom that is my life.

I am good. Maybe bordering on great. Everything is status quo.

My house is about to be a fucking disaster area due to rebuilding the fireplace, chimney, replacing the roof, etc. My allergies from all the dust in the air are making me want to murder puppies. Somebody told me that sneezing is a tiny orgasm, to which I told them, fuck off. If that is the case, I have had, approximately 7 billion tiny orgasms over the past few days and my sore back and raspy voice are just not sexy. Or orgasmic. 

I am a little upset about work. Two people that I got jobs there kind of screwed me over. Well, one of them screwed me over, one of them just saw a better monetary opportunity and took it. In the same week. So, the two people I brought on at my current job are leaving. One of them no called, no showed and the other put in two weeks. Within days of each other. I feel like a giant ass hole. And everyone is making a point to drive that feeling home, making me feel worse. The person who no called, no showed I no longer consider a friend for many reasons. The main being, you just don't do that to friends. A part of me thinks I am overreacting, but I was his boss and his friend. I feel like I was betrayed twice and I guess I just don't particularly feel like forgiving both transgressions.

That fine dining restaurant is pretty seriously recruiting me and saying no is becoming harder and harder. I hate the idea of working for corporate anything. It makes my stomach turn. But if they don't stop with the money, I may cave.

Now I feel like a giant ball of negativity. Agh! 

I am happy and shit. Promise. Just the biggest case of writers block ever? Thankfully I am not dramatic and I never exaggerate. 

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J o s e y said...

Thank got you are not dramatic and never exaggerate. I read this post on my phone 11 days ago, and I'm just getting a chance to comment now.

Your (ex)coworkers suck ass. AOL sucks ass. I have never had a tiny orgasm from sneezing (and that sucks ass).

Just saying.