Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please don't hate me because I rant.

You know how there is NOTHING  more annoying than someone who bitches about Facebook while still actively remaining on Facebook? I am about to be that person.

Facebook changed. Not because they updated something and don't have a dislike button. I guess I should rephrase that. Facebook users changed. And I don't know what happened because I didn't change. I still post videos of my coworkers eating 50 McDonalds nuggets in 10 minutes. I still talk about mundane things and check in at random places. (By the way, if you ever check in at my house, it is Neil's Sausage Haus. Bad. Ass.) This is what I like about Facebook. 

"Ooh, so and so is at that new restaurant. I should text them and see how it is."

"Ooh, so and so is just down the street, we should pop in and say hi."

"Ooh, Erratic is at home drinking on the couch again. We should judge her."

I like the mundane stuff, the funny stuff, the whatever. I enjoy the brief snip its into my friend's lives. I enjoy the pictures of my friend's kids. This allows me to watch my cousin's twins grow up while being 3 hours away. You get to catch up without making a zillion phone calls a day. 

That is not my Facebook anymore. I blocked several people because of their INSANE politics. Like, Obama is a Muslim terrorist and we should all be doomsday prepping politics. I just can't. 

What is really getting to me is the re-posting of various pictures with little phrases. Yes, the old school post cards were funny. The first time I saw them, I laughed. Now I want to kill myself. The political ads. And, Obama, my dear, I BLAME YOU. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN YOUR FAVOR. I get it. Social Media won you your first election. I understand why you are doing it. What I don't understand is why my FRIENDS are doing it. Just. Fucking. Fuck. Stop.

What set me off today is someone re-posted a quote about Monsanto's genetically modified corn causing cancer. Now. I am not a huge Monsanto fan. And I apologize to one of my favorite people who is reading this and works there, but I am actually about to stick up for Monsanto. I will give you all a moment to digest that.

If it was proven that Monsanto corn was causing cancer, it would not be on the market. EVERYTHING IN EXCESS IS HARMFUL. If you are shoveling high fructose corn syrup or corn byproduct made from Monsanto GMO seeds into your mouth at an alarming rate, guess what, that's not Monsanto's fault. That is yours. You choose to eat the processed food that most of the corn grown in this country goes to. Those corn fields you see on the side of the road, not for corn on the cob. They are for ethanol fuel and corn by product. Promise. Yes, the corn you are eating in the grocery store probably stems back to Monsanto because, frankly, they have the market on GMO corn. If it wasn't GMO, the grocery store sure as fuck would mark it heirloom and charge an arm and a leg for it.

So, unless you have some sort of odd corn addiction where you are liquefying and mainlining that shit, you're good. Where you're not good? That Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs you are eating. I challenge all of you to read every label just once when you go to the store. Almost everything processed has corn and/or soy byproduct in it. That's where the problem is. 

Now. I realize that I have very strong opinions about food. It is my job to have those opinions. Do I always practice what I preach? Fuck no. Do I try really hard? Meh. Mostly. But, I don't make any of YOU practice what I preach. Yes, on my personal blog, I rant and rave about this shit because it's my blog. Mine. My space to vent my feelings to people who I know will support me even if they don't agree with me. And if they don't? They don't have to read it.

On Facebook? It's awkward. It's not the place. Facebook should be light and fun and stupid You Tube videos. It should be pictures of babies and cats and dogs and vacations and check ins and trivial bullshit. 

Don't push your politics on me. When Obama was last elected, I admit to going a little crazy on Facebook and I later regretted it. I alienated some people. I won't make that mistake again. Unless I am drunk. Then, I might. Everyone has a right to THEIR opinion. It's what this country was founded on. And this country is losing sight of that. Do I judge you if I see a cart full of chips and soda in the store? Yep. I sure do. I look down at my vegetables and fruit and meat and grains and feel superior. But, I don't try to change that. I don't try to get laws passed that will prevent you from buying nothing but processed foods. I let myself have my smug little moment and I move on. I wish that people were better at that. ESPECIALLY on Facebook.

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