Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dreams do come true. Maybe

I have been looking for a second job. I mentioned that I applied for a job at the YWCA and they have not called me, which upset me a great deal. I was perfect for the position, but their loss, right? I don't know. It feels an awful lot like my loss too.

Several of the other jobs I applied for called and turned out to be not what I wanted. One was only hours at night, one was like 12 hours a week, and so on. The past few days were filled with unfinished dreams and not knowing where I want to be in 5, 10, 15 years. I know what industry I want to be in, I know I want to be cooking food...beyond that...I have nothing. 

Krackle and I hung out today and we spent some time discussing this, throwing out ideas, trying to plan my life. Because this is what we do. We try to find solutions to every single problem that ever existed ever. And then fail because it is impossible to successfully solve every single problem ever. It's our thing.

The conversation left me feeling...thoughtful? I am not quite sure how to explain it. The thought of having to go out and FIND my dream, to FIND the perfect job for me seemed impossible. And at the same time, I was hopeful that maybe there was something out there that fit me exactly.

Krackle has not seen Harry Potter yet, so we left her house to drive to the movie theater. On the way, my phone rang and it was a friend with a question.

"You still looking for hours during the day?"


"Hold On"

He proceeds to put the chef of a local restaurant on the phone, who then proceeds to set up an interview for Friday afternoon. Now, let me tell you about this restaurant. It is the ONLY farm to table restaurant in the city. It was built as an extension of a farm that has been in existence since 1860. It is all heirloom vegetables. They bring all of their scraps back to the farm and compost it. They shred their cardboard to use in animal bedding on the farm. It is local. It is sustainable. It is fine dining. Their menu changes seasonally. It is everything a restaurant should be.

They even recycle their fryer oil to be used as bio diesel fuel. You guys. Just...heaven.

And I have an interview on Friday. To say that my hopes are up is the understatement of the century. To say I want this job more than any job ever in history ever is an understatement. I have had my eyes on this place since day one, but they notoriously only hire on references from current employees. They do not hire outside their "family." And I got an in. And an interview. And hope. 

So, maybe Krackle and I can solve every problem ever just by talking it through. Maybe we can't. Maybe by just putting what I wanted out there, the universe said, hey, let's give her this one. I don't know what it was, but I am not complaining. I am going to put on my best big girl outfit and go in there and kill that interview. Because this is my dream job. And I want it oh so bad.


Bradshaw said...

OMG!! Everything on my body that can possibly be crossed is crossed for you! I know you're going to blow them away. Just don't blow them....that might give the wrong impression.

Good luck, lady!!

Josey said...

OOooohhhh - that's so freakin' exciting!! Fingers crossed for you S!!!

Krackle said...

It's in the bag. Also, we can solve every problem. We should be paid to do so.