Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Random Things

In an effort to post more, when I don't have a whole post thought out, I am going to start posting ten random things I am thinking about. I used to do this a lot when Krackle, Big Jed, and I all worked together at the bank. I would list 10 things that were pissing me off. This is just going to be 10 things, that either piss me off or don't. Just, whatever. We'll see how it goes.

  1. I wish I was the kind of person who wore hats. Not ironic hates, like hipsters wear. My hat doesn't need to make a political or social statement. Just a cute hat.
  2. I accidentally stumbled on Roseanne Barr's new show on Lifetime. Holy. Fucking. Train wreck. It is hilarious. Seriously, bat shit crazy, owns a nut farm, gets medical marijuana, hilarious. Watch it.
  3. I was never into greek or roman mythology before in my life, but I am reading "The Lost Hero" and now I want to read everything about mythology that was ever written. Ever. 
  4. I have been having weird dreams. Really weird dreams. Where in I become magical or have super powers or some shit. Is it weird that I always wake up so happy because I just want it to be true? Will I ever grow out of this? I blame my ridiculous obsession with Alice in Wonderland as a kid. I wanted so bad, as long as I can remember, just to fall down the rabbit hole. Sigh.
  5. I applied for a job at the YWCA teaching underprivileged families how to cook and about proper nutrition. I was overqualified for the position, which I thought was sort of strange. I have never, in my life, wanted a job more than this. I would work 70 hours a week doing this if someone would pay me to. I would volunteer to do it if I could afford to. This is so important to me and it has been 3 days and nobody has called me. I have never wanted a job more. The job posting gave no contact information.
  6. One of my favorite things in the world is reading Post Secret every week. It makes me happy to realize that there are other people out there with their own secrets, no matter how silly or serious. This week one in particular hit WAY too close to home. "I worry that the path I have worked so hard to get on is the one that will take me the furthest away from where I actually want to be..."
  7. My job has put me almost exclusively on their bakery shifts. I hate the bakery shifts for two reasons. One, I get NO hours because I am fast and not lazy. I am done in 3 hours. Secondly, I really hate baking. So, now I get to play the "find something for me to do" game for 6 hours a day in order to get even close to 40 hours. Not cool.
  8. Maybe I should have made this 5 random things? Hm.
  9. I am so excited for our vacation next month I can hardly stand it. But, we really can't afford to go. At all. We both need it to be relaxing and easy going, but I am terrified all we are going to do is worry about money.
  10. I have 3, 027 new emails. Somebody please find an email intervention and hold one for me. I just can't bring myself to organize it. 

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