Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor Dick Face, The Sinus Infection, and Biological Fathers.

So....I got sent home from work today because I was vomiting and dizzy. I almost passed out several times on the line. And I was pale. For those of you that do not know me in person, this is huge. I always have rosy cheeks and a rosy nose, which I hate. But, there it is. I am never pale.

I went to the doctor, concerned because this doesn't happen to me. Everyone said dehydration, which is possible. Our A/C was out again and it was 107 degrees in the back kitchen, so the doctor said it may have been heat stroke. Regardless he sent me home with a recommendation of decongestants for water in my eustachian tube and Gatorade. I took the decongestant and have been doing my best to choke down Gatorade, which is not my favorite. At all.  But, as per usual, the trip the doctors office was hilarious and I had to share. 

A little background, I have seen this doctor before (I go to an urgent care, or doc in a box as I call them) and he has always diagnosed me with a sinus infection.

The doctor walks in and does the general look in the ears, the nose, etc. He did strength tests to make sure I had no weakness in my limbs. He made me close my eyes and look down and I almost fell over. Because I was dizzy. Duh.

"I think you have a sinus infection."

"I have no symptoms of a sinus infection. You tested everything. I have no pressure, headaches, nothing."

"Yes, but I believe it is a sinus infection. Or you are pregnant."

"Excuse me? How are those the only two options."

"Is it possible you are pregnant?"

"I mean, I am sexually active and trying to prevent pregnancy, but anything is possible."

"That's it, go pee in a cup."

"I'm not pregnant."

"Yes you are you."

"FINE. Give me the god damn cup."

I proceed to pee all over myself because I am shaking (I can't be pregnant) and every time I look down I get dizzy and have tunnel vision.


"Well what? You lead with well? What did the pregnancy test say"

"It was negative. So you have a sinus infection."


"Yes you do."

"Look. I don't pass out. I don't get dizzy. I don't throw up in heat. These are all things that are abnormal for me. Other than a really shitty stomach, I have a pretty strong constitution."

"I recommend decongestants for a sinus infection."

"insert string of your favorite expletives here."

And, really, the rest of the conversation went in circles and I left with little to no answers. Also, I *may* have exaggerated the conversation a tad. I totally didn't swear that much. At least that is the story I am sticking to.

So, I am at home. Eating soup and drinking Gatorade and taking decongestants and feeling OK, then feeling dizzy, then feeling OK again. But, on a positive note, if I start getting symptoms of a sinus infection, I can call him and he will call in antibiotics for me. THANK GOD FOR DOCTOR SINUS INFECTION. Dick.

Anywho...this led to another topic I would like to discuss. Dateline. Which I don't watch. Because I usually work Friday nights. But, you guys, there was NOTHING ON. So, I am watching this episode where a 19 year old girl gave up her baby for adoption without permission from the father. But, I guess in Utah, this is legal? I am only half following because I am playing Harry Potter on my iPhone. I mean, um, something cooler.

So, my question to all of you is this...and the question Dateline also posed as far as I could tell between brewing potions in my cauldron. Ahem. The baby is over a year old and has never met her biological family. Her adoptive family is stable and takes good care of her. So, who would be the better parent isn't really the issue here, I don't think. To me, who is right? Is the baby best in the care of the parents she has known for over a year? Or in the care of her biological father who is a stranger?

I don't know the answer. I have been watching and thinking and doing magic and thinking and I am just not sure. It's not really about the parents anymore, right? Isn't it about what is best for the child? But, I couldn't even imagine giving away my evil cat who spends all of his free time building nuclear weapons to blow me up, not to mention my biological child. 

The mother wants nothing to do with the baby, just the father who she hid the adoption from. And he missed the deadline to contest. What do you guys think? A lot of you are mothers, so I am curious. Because I just don't know.


Big Jed said...

I don't know how you could even begin to determine who should have the child. I mean, I think the father was cheated, but still.... ethical dilemma. I can't even pick a side.

Also, I think you might have a sinus infection.

Krackle said...

um...I saw parts of that episode, actually. The little girl was the same age as Mallory and I thought about it long and hard because, Mallory would get it. It would be traumatizing for her. I wished that they could come to some sort of arrangement where she would stay with her adoptive parents but have time with her father least until she is older and knows better about what is going on. And...end.

Ayaleth said...

yeah maybe the father is cheated you're right. If the snot color coming out is yellow or green, you might probably have sinus infection.

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