Monday, March 28, 2011

Rim Job. Come on, I had to.

I am on the prowl for a new rim. I am not sure if any of you have ever had to find parts for your car at salvage yards, but this is my second time on this lovely journey. The first time, a homeless guy or group of homeless guys REALLY wanted my stereo and took a hammer to my dashboard. I had to replace said dashboard. I made one phone call, boom, I had a new dashboard.

I expected this process to be the same this time around. Two things are different; I drive a newer car and God hates me.

I have called no less than 10 salvage yards. I have gotten a wide variety of responses, all of them basically saying that no, they did not have the rim. I got called princess. I got asked if I was single after being told I had a real nice voice. I got hung up on twice.

There were also some very unhelpful people who grunted at me. Apparently this business is not built on customer service. 

Let's just say the online junkyards are getting my business this time. If any of you happen to have a Mazda 3 17 inch silver rim you aren't using, you know, call me.


Big Jed said...

Did you post this while pooping?

Erratic said...

Jeez. And people say I am inappropriate.