Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fake Spring

It is starting to get nice here...or what I am referring to as fake spring. This is the second fake spring we have had and it almost killed me to put away the flip flops and get out the jackets. During first fake spring, we had the windows open and NCH sat at the windows and looked out, longingly. We assume he was dreaming of the days in the barn, but more than likely he was plotting a way to kill us in our sleep. 

During the current fake spring, he apparently stumbled upon an unknown stash of meth and took it all at once. He sits at the back door hunting birds that he can't quite get and then running around the house swatting the dogs in the face and causing mayhem. Then the boy gave him this weird Mardi Gras necklace that he found who knows where, which NCH proceeded to carry around all afternoon. Then the boy put it on him and it was like a fresh batch of meth we just cooked up. Dear. Lord.
During this meth binge, I also tried to wrap the presents for my cousin's baby shower. Somebody had to be involved through the whole process.
I would have posted an in focus picture, but that would have required him to stop trying to kill the present for 10 seconds. Also, I may have gone overboard on presents. The one hiding in the back has yet to be filled because it is handmade and has yet to be finished. But, oh, it will be filled.
So, in summary, spring is the same thing as meth, NCH loves Ohio, and this is the best gift bag ever.

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Big Jed said...

Watch out for the Kitty Meth Lab in the basement. He's hoarding sinus meds again.