Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon? Snowpocalypse? Maybe we should stop coming up with clever names for snow storms?

Unless you live under a rock or in a state that does not get snow, you are all aware of the snow storms sweeping the country and the catch-phrases associated with them. Ohio is no different, except we mostly got ice, covered with snow, covered with ice, and repeat. All of the trees look like sad old men, hunched over in their last days. However, there is nothing more beautiful than a huge tree weighed down by ice, it's branches both sagging and glowing. It is the only thing, and I mean the only thing, that has been beautiful about this storm. The same sagging is not so beautiful on power lines, especially ones close to your house. I have no idea what time the power finally came on last night, but it was out long enough to require more blankets than usual on our bed and some animals that wanted extra cuddles.

School has been cancelled all week, so my days have been spent sleeping, sleeping, eating, sleeping, and going to work. My measly six hour shifts are totally not worth the 45 minute drive in the elements. Or enduring the SUV drivers who believe four wheel drive means you are invincible to all road conditions. 

I will never understand why we were even open these past few days. Most restaurants closed, or at least closed early. We resiliently stayed open so our four customers could enjoy their tofu burrito and salad. I don't see how they justify paying all of us to be there. Or why anyone would eat tofu.

So, I am surviving the storm, but mostly on thoughts of my vacation in September, which I am now going to gush about. Because, seriously, I need some sunshine thoughts right about now. 

My mom got me a certificate for a 7 night stay in any Wyndham Resort plus airfare for graduation. And being my mother and all, she told me the second she purchased the certificates. So, after about 30 seconds of deliberation and a google search, I decided on here. But, Erratic, you could go anywhere in the U.S. or the Caribbean, you ask? Ha! You have underestimated my dorkiness. Because nowhere else in the world has THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER. Yes, the boy has agreed to be drug around by my ridiculous ass for an entire day through the wonders of THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER. We are probably going to do some other shit while we are down there too. Like eat and drink and lay in the sun and nap. I am so excited I cannot find the words to express it. It is more like squeals. And some jumping. Maybe a little clapping.

You may all now commence rolling your eyes at my complete fandom. Don't hurt yourselves.

How will I get through the next 8 months without the anticipation making me crazy? Whiskey. Lots and lots of whiskey. 


Josey said...

Oooh - I've heard that the wizarding world is amazing. I love vacations. :)

Big Jed said...

Did you pee yourself a little, too?