Thursday, February 17, 2011

I needed a laugh today.

A blog that I read linked to this and I apologize because I do not remember whose blog it was, so sorry if I am stealing your thunder. Or something.

But, this shit. This shit is fucking hilarious. I have a weird sense of humor. I don't think most movies are funny. I think that all those TV shows everyone can't stop watching are stupid. I always joke that I am missing some sort of chromosome that controls humor. 

I have read this website like twelve times. 

You're welcome. 


Josey said...

Funny shit. :)

KRACKLE said...

You need to know 2 things:

1) My husband gets me a New Yorker cartoon desk calender every year for Christmas and I have a collection of my favorites.

2) two years ago he also got me a GIANT coffee table book of all of them dating back to pre - great depression. They are awesome. You must come over and read them.

That is all.