Monday, February 7, 2011

Things I will never understand

  1. People who come to a complete stop to merge into stopped traffic while in a lane with moving traffic.
  2. Why everyone on Dog The Bounty Hunter has such fucked up hair. Also why I can't stop watching Dog The Bounty Hunter marathons.
  3. People that make a huge deal out of Hallmark holidays. I mean, yes, let's have a romantic dinner. Maybe a card, but if we can't...meh. I don't think either one of us will cry about it. It's about a life two people make with each other, not a holiday catering to the florists, chocolatiers, and card makers.
  4. People with no work ethic. I just, no. If you don't want to work hard, find a job that requires you be a lazy, worthless ass hole. Because, dude, a kitchen isn't exactly cut out for those of the lazy variety.
  5. Why student loans have an interest rate of 12%. That should be illegal. ILLEGAL. In a year when I have to start paying this shit back, I am going to have to work 12 jobs.
  6. People who misspell shit on their Facebook status and then just repost the same fucking thing two minutes later with the spelling corrected and I HAVE TO READ YOUR BULLSHIT TWICE. 
  7. People who have personal email addresses that are, for example, "dirty69" and put them on their resumes. I mean, really? You might as well have put unprofessional moron under qualifications and whore under special skills. (note: this person is a redneck with me at school. She also sends out the meeting minutes to THE DIRECTOR OF OUR SCHOOL from this email.)
  8. Why I do not own this shirt. 
  9. People who write inane lists on their blogs instead of writing their 6 page paper and menu on the current culinary trends in India. Those people are douche bags.
  10. People who can't stop eating twizzlers while writing inane lists on their blogs. People need to have self control. People are making chicken enchiladas from scratch.
Last week's food porn is late, I KNOW. Stop pressuring me. Jeesh. I will post it tomorrow. Or later. Depending on how sick I make myself on twizzlers.

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Big Jed said...

Oh, the days of the numbered rant.... how I miss thee.....