Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romantic conversation about deer murder.

On our way home from Valentine's Day Dinner:

The boy: "Since we are on a dark road, you should just barely hit a deer then we can keep the meat and insurance will pay to realign your car."

Erratic: "1. I do not eat road kill. 2. I don't want to kill a deer. 3. That is the worst idea you have ever had."

The boy: "I like that 'I do not eat road kill' was your first reason."

Erratic: "Well, clearly."

A few minutes later...

The boy: "That guy in front of us is drunk."

Erratic: "Or he just hit a deer and his car is out of alignment."

The boy: "It would be fixed by now."

Erratic: "Maybe it just happened and there is a bloody deer carcass in his trunk."

The boy: "We should ask him for deer jerky."

Happy Valentines Day, baby.

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