Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop me if you've heard this one.

I had kind of a shit day. In order to cheer me up, one of the chef's at school decided to tell me lame jokes. And for some strange reason, they both made me laugh. The last one made me laugh so hard I was crying. Mostly because the chef was actually hopping and waving. 

I thought I'd share. You know, in case any of you are having a shit day and need a lame laugh.

Joke 1:

Why does Snoop carry an umbrella?
Fo Drizzle

Joke 2:

An animal lover was driving down the road and looked away, when he heard a thump. He jumped out of the car and realized he had hit a rabbit and started crying. A woman pulled over and asked what was wrong. "I killed this rabbit," he said. "I have just the thing," she said and pulled a can out of her purse and sprayed the rabbit. He jumped up, hopped three times, turned around and waved, hopped three more times, turned around and waved and did this until he was out of sight. "How did you do that?" the man asked. "Simple, it's hairspray. Restores body in hair and creates a permanent wave."

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

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