Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things I love today

  1. Catching up with good friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Now that I work days, this is much, much easier. And the margaritas and food were delicious, which is always a plus. I would have totally eaten fast food and drank coke, though. It was a much needed night out.
  2. This weather. 70 degrees and sunny? In March? Sitting here with all the windows open is amazing.
  3. The week after restaurant week...when everyone spent all their hard earned dough last week and are eating Ramen noodles and fast food. 
  4. Having enough free time to plot with a coworker to fuck with the rest of our coworkers. Bonding in the restaurant world is not asking someone to go to lunch with you. It is playing practical jokes on each other and laughing so hard you cry when they get PISSED. I am always in....as long as farts are not involved. That is when the girl in me comes out and I just run.
  5. olo.ol'  <-- The boy did that. He thinks he is hilarious. He's not. He made me leave it. What is the blogging equivalent of spelling S.O.S. in the sand on a stranded island? Because let's just call this that.
  6. Visitors at work! I love when people come visit me at work. I am really the only person who has a revolving door of friends that stop in, but it makes me feel special? I don't know that special is the right word. Supported? I love that the people I love come in to eat. I think that says something. It also ends in countless jokes of "Erratic has friends?" Which are ALWAYS hilarious. (get better jokes, boys)
  7. House hunting. I am driving the boy crazy because I get all excited and decorate every single house I like. I picture dinner parties and imagine where my friends will stand in the kitchen while I cook. I put our furniture in every room of the house. I hang our artwork on the walls. I see myself walking into the house after a long days work. It's just what I do. I am very enthusiastic (shut up all of you, I know that is an understatement) when I like something, love something, want to do something. And I am impatient. And I want to do everything right now. I know this isn't like that. I know that it is a process and we still need a couple of months to get enough for the down payment. But, you can't knock a girl for enthusiasm or imagination. 
  8. My new fitness plan? I am not sure that is what I want to call it. The next step in my lifestyle overhaul. I have been talking to Bradshaw about all of it because nobody is more dedicated to being in shape than that woman. I feel like I have been making small, good changes that will stick. And I am excited for the next step in those changes. I am eliminating bad things, slowly. Adding good things, slowly. I think I am doing this the right way instead of jumping into something head over heels and then reverting back to the old plan. That never works for me. And I am excited that I know myself enough to realize that.
  9. Packing. Is that weird? I know it is months down the road (although, we are going to start packing nonessentials fairly soon.) I just love the weeding out aspect of it. It feels so...freeing to get rid of all your old bullshit. That I will soon replace with new bullshit. But, still. Out with the old, in with the new. Who wants to help us move?
  10. The giant wine sale at my grocery store. I walked into the section today and it was like rows and rows of yellow sale stickers. Like, every bottle. I didn't grab a cart or basket, so I could only hold four bottles. But, they were easily all $3 - $20 off depending on the bottle. I have intentions of going back tomorrow with a cart. And no self control. Maybe a little self control. I got a $24 bottle of wine for $12! You guys. Amazing. My liver is going to start it's own emo blog entitled "Why do you hate me?"


J.o.s.e.y said...

Reading #8 followed shortly by #10 cracked me up. That is so my life. :)

Big Jed said...

Shit. I told you I would help you move. What kind of a moron am I anyway?