Monday, March 5, 2012

RW Day 1: A survivors story

Does it seem like it is ALWAYS restaurant week to anyone else? Because it seems that way to me.

Also, I realized today that I have been at my job for 7 months! What the what? That is nuts.

We are including lunch in the fray this time, running a daily feature, dessert, and drink for $10. That is a deal let me tell you. And a local online blog reviewed it! And liked it! And posted it on their very famous, very well read blog. Which means the rest of my week is going to be a living hell. And I am OK with it.

On to the fun of the items I have on the menu. Two I conceptualized and executed. Two I just executed. 
 Margherita Salad with fried pita croutons.
 Steamed Mussels in Spicy Lemongrass Broth with Cilantro, Mint, and Basil.
 Warm Brussells Sprout Salad with bacon vinaigrette. Oh, wait. My fingers. (did not realize this happened until I went to upload these pictures. I left it in because, well, why not?)
Roasted Pork Belly with sherry vinegar gastrique. 


Erratic said...

Update: Had twitter conversation with said website about me working there. they follow me. Good day, this Monday.

Krackle said...

You rock my world. Seriously. SO HAPPY AND PROUD!!! **hugs**