Monday, March 12, 2012

Maybe it is time to reconsider Facebook

So, my grandmother joined Facebook. And for those of you who are new and haven't read the archives, please click on the "conversations with grandma" link in the sidebar. 

I have had the following comments on my Facebook page over the past few weeks.

In response to a check in: "AND? I am not a read between the lines kind of girl. luvum." (She signs every single written communication luvum.)

On my wall: "Did you make the shushi? looks good. How are ya? Did you get your valentine? luvum."

On my wall" "I can't seem to get through. Oh well. luvum."

In response to my facebook status about me having a bad day. "Why if I might ask waht happened I cannot sympathize with that I don't know...luvm." (sometimes she forgets a u. Or adds a u. Nobody can be sure.)

In response to my disappointment in the Ohio election. "in what? MJ" (MJ are her initials.)

In response to a post about Robin Thicke. Which is random, I realize. " I knew that. I forgot! When I heard the name thaat is what I thought I heard him once is it ok to say I thought him ok! But then I htouhgtb dadddy was a  jerk. m"

This had nothing to do with what I posted. HOWEVER. The woman gives me a Penzies spice catalog every time I see her. Also, she asks me this every single time I talk to her. "So you will work all week no break? Yuck!!!!!! Do you go to Penzies the spice place? You have one don't you? Do you ge ttheir catalog interesting! luvm" 

In response to a lazy Sunday post. "dont thinks o bunkie thats burning your candle at both ends Not working today? Ya didn't get blown away? isnt it awful? luvm"   

On one post where I said I was going to the seafood market and making Thai food. "o I will try again I can't seem to get htis luvum" and "waht do you know about eatig Kevin? luvum" and "ahhhhhhhhhhh I get it! luvum" and finally "this is so easy I am going to be a facebook nut! luvum."

All spelling errors are left in for comedic purposes. 

My mother had to go over to her house and show her how to use it. And specifically told her to stop signing all her posts with luvum. Clearly she got the point. (She didn't.) And now when she calls me, she grills me about everything I have posted on Facebook in the past week. 

Is it wrong to block my grandmother?


Ann said...

My grandmother is on a limited profile list. I hide many posts from her and do not feel bad about it.

Oak said...

Oh my god, I've never been more glad to print off photos and send them to my grandma in my life. I will gladly keep it up to prevent a similar experience!

I thought it was bad when my dad would post "Happy Birthday!" on his own page to someone, who presumably, was having a birthday.