Monday, September 26, 2011

Skip this one if you are not a Harry Potter fan.

Driving up to the park, I had butterflies in my stomach. It felt like a first date. With an amusement park. I was giddy with excitement. When I saw the back of the Hogwarts Castle from the road, I almost crashed into the median.

Walking up, it was all anticipation. I just wanted to BE. THERE. I didn't want to see all of the other shit. Then I walked into the park. 

I felt like a little girl. I can't explain it. My body tingled from head to toe. It is not just a bunch of rides, like other amusement parks I have been to. It transports you to another world. Dr. Seuss was probably my favorite. Don't tell Harry Potter. It was just so amazing. I admit it, I skipped a little. And there may have been a twirl or two.

Then came Harry Potter. And I am going to apologize a little bit here, because I am about to GUSH. School girl with the biggest crush in the history of ever and he held her hand and said he like, liked her GUSH.

Hogsmeade was everything I expected. It was just like an alley filled with shops and restaurants and bars. A waitress told me to expect it to be small, which in turn led me to being blown away by how big it was. 

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was single handedly the coolest experience of my life. Even the boy, who is NOT a Harry Potter fan thought it was pretty bad ass. Essentially, you fly behind Harry on a broom through the castle and the grounds. I had a STUPID grin on my face the entire time. This is not something I do...I do not grin stupidly. I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but it may be the single happiest moment of my life. Yes, I realize what this means. Let me have my moment.

There was Toon Land.

And some super heroes.

And some bad ass rides.

All in all, a damn good 30th birthday. I got exactly what I planned on, exactly what I feel like a kid again.

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Also, I'm so jealous I can't even see straight. Glad you had a good birthday!