Monday, September 12, 2011

Agent's Office

Sometimes I wonder how actors get certain roles. I just saw a preview for Taylor Lautner's new movie, Abduction. And I pictured the scenario like this...

Agent: So, I have a list of scripts sitting here, what sounds good?
Lautner: This is all chick flick shit. Not again. I cannot be another werewolf with abs.
Agent: But in this one you get to be the understanding straight friend who is there for the girl he loves and then gets her in the end.
Lautner: Seriously? Isn't that the EXACT same role I just played. In Twilight, the douchiest chick flick of all time?
Agent: Well, here is one where you get to play the ass hole love interest who doesn't get the girl, but breaks the girls heart.
Lautner: I want to kick some ass! Be in a man's movie! I want to work with like Jackie Chan or some shit!
Agent: Well, there is this one script...
Lautner: I'll do it!

...a year later...

Lautner: WHY DID YOU LET ME DO THIS? This movie is terrible. TERRIBLE. I look like a total fucking ass hat.
Agent: Well, you wanted to be all macho and shit.
Lautner: Nobody is going to see this movie except for prepubescence girls who are swooning over me and actually hate the entire movie.
Agent: I tried to warn you, dude.
Lautner: Isn't there a new Twilight movie coming out soon? I need to get my reputation back.
Agent: And your abs....

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