Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Insecurity Sucks

I am good at learning things, especially if they are repetitive. This makes me really good on a line. I get into habits and I repeat the same thing over and over and eventually I am consistent and fast. I do not think this is a unique quality. I think that most people, well, a lot of people can do this. I do not think this makes me special.

The sous chef at new job wants me to be more involved in creating the menu. This means soups, new menu items, daily features, and so on. The menu is a bistro style menu and it is constantly changing depending on what is in season.

Creating food isn't repetition. It is talent. It is being able to take 5 ingredients and turn them into something remarkable. It is not following a recipe. It is cooking from your heart, tasting, changing, until it is perfect. I do this at home all the time, sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail. I don't get to fail in a professional kitchen, not without it really hitting me hard. 

I'm a little scared. I am a little excited. This is the next step. This is the beginning. 

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Big Jed said...

I would like to volunteer for taste testing. Could you please not make anything with dairy, wheat, soy, rye, or oats? Thanks.

Okay, seriously, you are good at what you do. And you will be great at this. Everything I have ever eaten that you have cooked has been phenomenal!!