Monday, September 6, 2010

This week...

I cut my finger.

I got stitches for the first time in my life.

I had some sort of allergic reaction to the tetanus shot I got in the ER, which resulted in vomiting, a fever, disorientation, and a lump on my arm that is still there a week later.

I experienced said stitched finger being crushed by one of my fellow students, literally bringing me to my knees and to tears. Two things quite rare for me.

The check engine light came on in my car.

I got out of work an hour and a half late both Friday and Saturday because the restaurant had two record breaking nights in a row. (Good for the company, but we were not prepared.)

I fell down the stairs at work, bruising the entire left side of my body. It looks like someone implanted half a cantaloupe on my thigh.

My boss said to me, after I poured 18 quarts of water on his shoe, that if next week isn't better, he is giving me paid leave until my luck changes.

I have wondered if other people have weeks like this...

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Krackle said...

Yes...everyone has weeks like this.