Friday, September 21, 2012

Politics. And Vibrators. Yeah.

I need to vent. About politics. I am resisting everything that I have to keep this shit off of Facebook because I hate that other people do just that. I can't vent at work for similar reasons. Politics are personal and this is my personal blog, so dammit, I am going to just be that person for a minute. And I am not saying these things because I want you to agree with me. I would love for someone to have an intelligent conversation disagreeing with me. I just rarely find people who will intelligently talk about politics. And I feel like I spend all of my time focused on very left wing, liberal media sources because, quite frankly, I agree with them. And whenever I find someone who disagrees with me, they don't answer my core questions honestly. Or at least satisfactorily. 

So, here is what I don't understand. How can a woman, any woman, vote for Paul Ryan? I get that you are actually voting for Mitt Romney. And I get that there are tons of checks and balances in place that will prevent a lot of the hate that he spews to go through, but how can any woman support this?  How can any woman think that rape is just another form of conception? I realize that is not word for word what he says. But to call pregnancy by rape conception is...vulgar. To take something so precious to so many people and to say that violently being forced to have sex and have a resulting just use the same word for those two things is wrong. Yes, by definition, it is conception. And I really do understand the pro-life point of view. I have never been pregnant, but there is no point in my life where I would have considered abortion. I refuse to make choices for other people, but I know what choice I would always make. Rape is the exception. 

The bottom line, to me, is this; a guy gets to put his dick anywhere he wants to and the woman has to face the consequences. Rapists don't pay child support. They don't get visitation. Frankly, they probably don't even get prosecuted. I know I regret every single day not pressing charges. Most women don't press charges. 

How do we protect ourselves? A barbed wire chastity belt? I mean, seriously. I have the fucking right in this country to choose when I have children. To choose to take contraception. To live the life that I want to live. And I have the fucking right to choose to not give birth to a child if I don't want to. I would NEVER exercise that right, because a part of me is not really behind abortion. The bottom line is that it isn't my place to make that decision for another woman. 

And mother fucker, the last people who should be making this decision is a bunch of men. I know I have previously ranted about this. And I know this is in the top 5 topics you should never discuss in mixed company. But, thankfully, I have no boundaries. Or not so thankfully.

I want Paul Ryan to walk into a shelter for battered women (I have done this) and tell them that rape is just another form of conception (I would never do this) and see their reactions. I want him to look into the faces of women who have been brutalized and raped and feel nothing. To see the void in their eyes. To see a woman completely broken. I want him to tell them that they should carry that child for 9 months when they can barely get out of bed. I want him to tell them that aborting that child is wrong when all they can do is cry.

I don't support abortion is birth control. Or even as a way out of a huge mistake. I really don't. But, desperate people do desperate things. And while, yes, there are women who have abortion after abortion while being reckless, that doesn't discount the women who walk into clinics who legitimately need help. 

And abolishing Planned Parenthood? Just. What? Abortion is a fraction of what they do. A FRACTION. They treat STD's, they do gyno exams for people who can't afford it, they provide birth control, they provide counseling, they are truly an organization that supports women and their sexuality.

Which is what this is all about, right? Women's sexuality. In a culture that is bombarded by sex everyday. Listen up, men. Women like sex too. And we want to have it. And we want to protect ourselves in the process. So, eliminating every circumstance that a woman can have sex with a man without the risk of conceiving a child? Yeah...your dick isn't coming anywhere near any woman in her right mind. 

And I apologize for being so vulgar, but a vibrator is a hell of a lot cheaper than a kid. 

Conclusion: Paul Ryan just got replaced by a vibrator. 

Second Conclusion: Nobody is ever going to read this blog again.


Ann said...

I have avoided posting stuff like this to my facebook as well. To the point where I've had things written and deleted them before I could hit post.

There is not a single word here that you've written that I disagree with. Not one. I vehemently abhor the implication that the most physically and emotionally violating act could be spoken of in the same manner as a carefully planned (and in some cases INCREDIBLY desired) pregnancy.

I'm not sure how anyone who makes less than six figures a year and/or has a vagina could support this ticket. It baffles me.

monique said...

I agree and I'll keep reading, even if I didn't agree.

J o s e y said...

It's inflammatory on the other side, I know, but did you see the link I posted on FB the other day? I just thought it was an interesting point that for some reason the dems have conceded the "pro-life" term when really the right wing is just "pro-pregnancy" - not pro-protecting babies and children (i.e. cutting funding for WIC, etc). Just thought that was an interesting point.

J o s e y said...
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whimsy said...

I'm not sure how accurate it is; but, I read that either Romney/Ryan both or just Ryan feels that the rapist does have parental rights. So, not only would a woman be forced to give birth to a baby as a result of rape; but, then she would be forced to at least, in some way, be in contact with that rapist for the rest of her life, or at least the child's life. It's a point worth exploring, since that's COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT, if it's true, that is. God, I hope it's not.

Rachael Heiner said...

I agree with everything you said. I have gotten into it a couple of times on Facebook trying to make people understand that beyond anything about finances or the silver spoon that was in both Romney & Ryan's mouths when they were born, I have a fundamental moral problem with both of them as human beings. Their views on women, poor people, and homosexuals are abhorrent to me, so how could I even consider any of their policy ideas? They are not good human beings.