Monday, July 2, 2012

Stormgate 2012

So. I have had a craptastic few days. 

It all started on Friday. Everyone at work was checking the radar on their phones, watching for a huge storm to roll through. All of a sudden, it got dark outside and the apocalypse rolled into Ohio. A power line went down with the wind, causing a massive fire in the middle of the street, right next to the restaurant. Wind blew me against a coworker, knocking both of us over. The news said it was a category 2 hurricane with 80 mph winds. 

I decided to drive home before the rain came. This was smart. I wouldn't have made it home otherwise. Power lines were down everywhere, trees blocked streets. I finally made it home to find a tree laying on my house. It split down the middle, causing half of it to knock off the cap off our chimney. We called the neighbor (it was her tree) and all was well.

Then round two came through Sunday. We stood on the front porch and watched as the tree knocked our chimney off our house. There was nothing we could do. Just watched bricks falling off the house as the living room filled with dust. SO. MUCH. DUST. 

All of this following THE WORST WEEK EVER. Last Wednesday, there was an electrical failure that caused the air conditioner, hoods, and walk in to go out at work. All three needed replacement motors and the hoods were down for three days. 

So, needless to say, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. 

But, today the tree got removed. And the masons came out today to temporarily fix the fireplace. And the neighbor is paying our deductible and it will all work out. 

The city is in a state of disaster. There are people without power until this weekend. People have lost their cars and houses to falling trees. I was down on campus and saw trees I couldn't put my arms around laying in the streets. The damage is pretty bad. 

And we just had a tree on our house.

I am grateful everyone I love is safe and happy. And really fucking grateful there isn't a tree on my house.

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monique said...

That stupid storm sucks. We did get some wind damage to our house but nothing like what you experienced. After all the repairs are done you can get back to where you were.
The heat has been unbearable here in Maryland.
I always think "it coulda' been worse".