Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chit chat

I am sitting in the car with my grandmother waiting on my mom to get wine. I refused to go in because I have bought wine the past two days and had the same checkout person and I have to shop there and they think I am a wino.

Anyway, my mom apparently fell in a black hole so I am typing what I am listening to my grandmother say. Enjoy.

I don't really shop at garden ridge. But I bought those bird pillows, so now I will have to go there if I need to return them.

That woman should squeeze her far ass into those tight pants. Oh, her husband is black.

There are a lot of people going in that store and nobody coming out.

I only had two glasses of wine last night. You two drank three bottles.

I don't know how people can afford to smoke. It's so expensive and everybody is always bitching about how poor they are.

Don't let anyone fat sit on your new dining room chairs.

Do you like Maury Povich?

I swear I did not say a word. Until now. That was a resounding no.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


J o s e y said...

Wow, your gma is...interesting. Wow. LOL

Krackle said...

This is the same type of thing that happened when I stopped by the other day. LMAO.