Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nobody is allowed to speak to me until Thursday.

Whenever I share my blog with someone new, I look back through the most recent blog posts. I don't know why. Maybe to see what they will read, in some hope that it isn't 15 blog posts of me being stupid and insane. Or a million pictures of my cat. 

So, last night I shared my blog with Moski and did my usual routine. I stumbled on the tribute to Kobi and kind of lost it. I was just looking at the pictures and sobbing. His ashes and pictures are a major center piece in my living room. I look at his picture every single day. I don't know what made me lose it, but I did. I think it is a sign of the toll this weekend took.

I promise to post all of the tales of this weekend, because my grandmother was in rare form. There are a collection of stories that will surely make you laugh. In the meantime, I am going to just sort of decompress and be as antisocial as possible. Because the last four days were filled with nothing but socializing and hosting and cooking and being nice and friendly and personable. BEING PERSONABLE IS EXHAUSTING. I do much better with cranky, surly, sweary, and sarcastic. 

Welcome, Moski. Sorry if there are a lot of pictures of my cat. Thank God you like cats.

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