Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There are more where this came from...

My grandpa gives me things. He gives the boy things. Pictures. My grandmother's jewelry. Jamaican money. Weird things, things that he thinks will mean something to me. Often, they are just things he gets in the mail from organizations he sends money to. Like the American Indian Council. I mean, do not get me wrong, we are part American Indian, but probably not a large enough part to be giving money to a council. That sends you a bubble gum machine quality necklace.

But, tonight? Tonight, he gave me a gem to end all gems. First of all, this is "The TR-6." My father talks about this car with a longing, loving look in his eyes to this day. Mostly when he talks about flooring it down hill so he could make it up hill. Second of all, the hat. Just the hat. I want to remember my father always in this hat.

So, to those of you that know him and those of you that do not, feast your eyes on this genuine 1976 father of Erratic.
The whole family, my sister wasn't born yet. Check out my mom's shoes and socks! Oh, the hippies. The wonderful, wonderful orthopedic shoe wearing hippies.