Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeff Lewis and shit.

I've had a day. Not a normal bad day or a normal good day. It is has been a frustrating mix of the two to the point where I just want to scream to the universe, MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND.

Good day, I get to be happy. Energetic. There is a little bounce in my step.

Bad day, I get to be bitter. Angry. I want to kick babies.

Instead I am happily bitter and kicking babies with a bounce in my step? This shit doesn't make sense.

School and finals went well. Small prep list at work, but one of my coworkers was being a dick. I ignored him because I was in a good mood. He worked my nerves until I called him a dick. I am professional.

We get out early. I get to come home and have a glass (or 100) of wine and watch some T.V.

My DVR won't work. I reboot it THREE MOTHER FUCKING TIMES. It works! Except for the show I want to watch. The one person who makes me feel better about being angry and bitter. Jeff fucking Lewis. Flipping Out is the ONLY show that will not play on my DVR.

This has been my day. I still have the wine, so, I can't be THAT mad. But, I still want to murder someone in the face because that is what Jeff Lewis would do.

I can't win.

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Bradshaw said...

Wine = win.

Words to live by.