Sunday, August 29, 2010

If you are easily grossed out by blood, skip this post.

I was chopping mushrooms at work and chopped a wee bit of my finger. I am always ridiculously calm in these situations, unlike my coworkers. One of them fainted and another screamed "WHERE'S THE FINGER?" Some people. So, my boss bandaged my finger by putting band aid after band aid on it until the blood stopped gushing. I drove myself to the emergency room where I sat, covered in blood, waiting for someone to take a look. I also documented the entire process in photos. Enjoy!

The hack job attempt at bandaging my finger.

The finger. Please don't faint. Sorry for the gore.

Getting stitched. He posed in an "action pose" for me. Bad ass doctor, that one.

They detached the fingernail because, and I quote, "nobody wants a fingernail just flopping around."

Yay! Stitched and bandaged!

Fuck. Still bleeding. Oh, nurse?

The short dog actually bit me. Fucker.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I had September in the pool. You couldn't have waited another week?

Seriously, glad u r ok!

Big Jed said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Franken-finger, but I literally cannot stop laughing because Shorty bit you. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Josey said...

Shit, between you and Bradshaw, I don't know who posts the most disgusting pics! LOL

Glad you didn't actually lose a finger!

Bradshaw said...

Josey's just jealous she can't post cool finger pics like we can.

Awesome. Wait til you get a scar! That's when the fun starts. People get really grossed out by scars, for some reason. It's like, hey, I'm not bleeding on you, lighten up.

krackle said...

UM.....yeah. You chopped off your finger. A lot happens when I am gone for a week.