Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Break! Somebody get the tissues.

So....I have been sneezing with a runny nose and watery eyes for a few days now. I thought it was the storms, for some reason rain always equals allergies in my life. Snow too. Winter is fun. So, I have been taking my allergy pills and my nasal spray and doing all the things a good little girl should do when she is sneezing her head off. Then it occurred to me, I have never had allergies this many days in a row before when on medication.


I think I'm sick. Not fever sick or go to the doctor sick, just a little cold that is making my lungs burn when I cough and holy balls, the sneezing.

This pisses me off. Really pisses me off, in fact. Because I am on summer break for school. I get 18 days off, 18. Until Christmas. CHRISTMAS. I wanted to do things that were fun and lay out by the pool and visit with friends and clean the house and go through my old clothes and FINALLY FILE THE MAIL THAT IS PROCREATING IN MY BASEMENT AND MAKING BABY MAIL. So, today I slept until 11:00. Didn't wake up once, not even when the boy left for work. I came downstairs, made breakfast, and was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. So, I went back upstairs to take a little nap.

Four hours later, I am like, um, balls. There goes my day. I get up, go to the store to pick up a few things for Krackle and Krackle junior's arrival tomorrow and clean the downstairs bathroom. Guess who is exhausted again? This is crap. Just complete crap.

The last time I had a significant amount of time off was between my last job and culinary school. I had an ear infection that kept me in bed for the entire time.

Why? Why do I only get sick when I have time off? I mean, yes, it would suck more to be sick when I am in school full time and working 35 hours a week. But, BUT! It still sucks. And I am pissed because I had all these grand plans last time and got none of them done. And here I am again, facing the same exact thing and thinking I won't get shit done this time either. This better be the fastest cold ever to exist. Like, it better be gone tomorrow. Or I am going to overdose on vitamin C and red bull.

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Bradshaw said...

Red Bull = bad. I hope you get feeling better soon!