Monday, June 21, 2010

His collar has a little bow. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Having a kitten is nothing like having a puppy. They are much more self sufficient and don't need to be watched constantly. And the curiosity kills me. As I am typing this, Neil is watching my fingers and meowing. He sits on the books I am reading, on my keyboard when I am on my laptop and tries to eat everything that I am eating, often by flinging himself onto the plate or bowl. He gets the kitty crazies and runs around the house like a mad man, then jumps on my lap and curls up for a nap. I don't think the purring will ever get old. I haven't heard him hiss since the first few days he was home and was still getting used to the dogs. He cuddles with his canine brothers, when they allow it, and attaches himself to Kobi's tail, his favorite toy. At night, he sleeps in the closet in a fuzzy slipper boot. As soon as he hears someone moving, he meanders out, meowing and wanting up on the bed to see what is going on. When he falls asleep, his head is always in an inconvenient position, usually falling backwards, but he snoozes on.

I don't know how much his personality will change as he gets older, but man are we in love with the little guy now. We all knew it would happen, but I am calling it official. I am now a cat AND a dog person.

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Bradshaw said...

That's just adorable.